Residential complex ""Tverskaya Residence"" is located in the historic and cultural center of old Moscow, in the prestigious district of the Tver on 2nd Street Brest.

Developed infrastructure of the district enjoys a very convenient transportation. Directions to the complex is provided with streets: Tverskaya, 1st Tverskaya-from the Garden Ring and Leningradsky Prospekt - the main road arteries of the capital. In walking distance from the complex there is a metro Mayakovskaya and Belorussky Railway Station, from which by Aeroexpress half an hour you can get to Sheremetyevo airport.

Tver region owes its name to the homonymous street, which is one of the largest and most famous in Moscow. The area is famous for its huge number of spiritual and cultural sites: churches, theaters, museums and concert halls.

In the immediate vicinity of the residential complex ""Residence of Tver 'cafes and restaurants, shops, health and beauty centers, banks, kindergartens, schools, sports clubs, movie theaters, a concert hall Tchaikovsky, Bulgakov museum, theater -"" Satire ""and"" Moscow City Council. "" A few blocks away - cozy old Moscow gardens - ""Aquarium"" and ""Hermitage"".

Convenient location of the complex offers to get acquainted with the sights of the city, in the commission of walks in the parks and shopping in the famous trading houses of Moscow.

From the residential complex ""Residence Tverskaya"" to the Moscow Kremlin and the Assumption Cathedral can be reached in about 20 minutes, to romantic and probably the most famous city park - Chistye Prudy - for 15 minutes, and St. Basil's Cathedral, the Bolshoi Theatre, the theater ""Lenk"" , Youth Theatre, Stanislavsky Electro, TSUM and GUM - in just 10 minutes.

It is interesting to spend time with your child will not be difficult! Not far away are the most popular entertainment: Moscow Zoo, Nikulin Circus and the Central Children's Store (EBM), which you can reach in 10 minutes.


The residential complex ""Residence of Tverskaya"" question people's safety and their personal property received increased attention. The residential complex is designed three-tier system of control over access to the apartment, a video surveillance system for the front hall and common areas.

Hour security objects is carried out by professional staff in compliance with the existing rules and principles of non-interference in private life. Video surveillance covers almost the entire territory, leaving ""dead zones"" that prevents the penetration of unwanted guests.


For residents of the ""Residence Tverskaya"" organized round the clock concierge service, which offers a variety of services. The main task of the staff of the residential complex is to ensure safety and comfort.

Concierge service provides for the organization:

- Household services; - Barber services, masters of nail service and massage; - The delivery of food, reserve a table at a restaurant; - Cultural leisure; - Diamonds management services; - Business travel services; - Interpreter and secretary; - Transfer service and support, call a taxi; - Babysitting service; - Courier services; - Other services.

Concierge will notify you of the arrival of the guests, will take to the elevator. Universal assistants perform any errands, freeing you from the hassle of everyday.


Modern man is endowed by nature, and therefore, the development of the complex, we tried to create a comfortable environment as close to the natural environment.

Before phytodesigners ""Residence Tverskaya"" had the task - to green lobbies and relaxation areas in order to increase comfort and improve the microclimate of the complex as a whole. As a result of hard work has turned out wonderful natural surroundings and the ""green"" zone for recreation.

LCD ""Residence Tverskaya"" have nothing to do with the usual typical high-rise buildings, as common areas are decorated in the style of a winter garden and atrium area is decorated with twenty-meter waterfall surrounded by exotic plants and birds living in the complex. In summer you can enjoy a beautiful recreation area with landscaping on the roof of the twelfth floor, which allows you to create a cozy atmosphere. Green plants are the kind of sound insulation and a natural barrier to the penetration of dust and pollutants in the air. When the device utilities complex innovative technologies were used. Sophisticated climate control system maintains an optimal humidity in the complex of buildings and air-conditioning system - a comfortable temperature. As a result, designers and builders managed to create a true eco-friendly infrastructure in the building.

Residential complex ""Tverskaya Residence"" is built in the best traditions of green building, as evidenced by, inter alia, the use of elite safe building materials, meet all the necessary requirements.


The complex ""Residence of Tverskaya"" - a modern luxury apartment with a premium hotel services, ready to move in and comfortable stay.

We offer fully furnished apartments are made in a variety of stylistic solutions, thus trying to meet all taste preferences, and thus save your time and money.

In the interior used luxury and eco-friendly materials, high-quality design furniture and accessories.

The owners of apartments in the residential complex ""Residence of Tver"" will appreciate the well thought-out interior layout, comfort and ease of living.

If you want to rent out their apartments for rent, the management company of the complex will help you with this - to settle relations with tenants and carry out all necessary settlements.