Rest zone

At the entrance to the residential complex "Residence of Tverskaya", you will see the atrium area of ​​the complex, which is the main decoration - a spectacular 20-meter waterfall with live fish. 

Here, surrounded by exotic green plants, there is a cozy lobby bar where you can relax from everyday worries and hassles for a cup of coffee, a sweet singing of birds living in the complex. This is a place for rest and fleeting encounters. 

The bar menu includes: snacks, original desserts, hot and cold beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic). 

On the roof of the 12th floor of the complex "Residence of Tverskaya 'is a lounge area, which is divided into a winter garden and a summer terrace. 

Winter Garden is a cozy fireplace area with soft sofas, small tables and green plants. There can be a pleasure to spend time for reading your favorite book, listen to music, chat with friends over a glass of good wine, represented by our wine cellar, enjoy a warming mulled wine or a cup of tea.

 Summer terrace is open during the seasonal period. There is a lovely sitting area with landscape design, which creates a cozy atmosphere and conditions, as close to the natural environment. Green plants are the kind of sound insulation and a natural barrier to the penetration of dust and pollutants in the air. The summer terrace are available deck chairs, hammocks for relaxing and getting a natural tan, as well as the bar with soft drinks. Here, in the open air and the height of the 12th floor, you can comfortably practice yoga or meditation.